Day 1: Coffee and Rain


The cup of live giving goodness that separates the kings (or queens) from mere men (or women). Friend of the stressed college student, corporate ladder climber, maxed out soccer mom, and everyone in between. There are quite a few entries on my bucket list pertaining to the liquid gold. Some of these include: people watching while sipping some fine coffee in a little cafe in Italy, traveling to Tibet in search of the fabled coffee monks, hiking around Seattle and hitting some underground music hot spots with the finest cup of coffee to be found, etc.

Needless to say, without coffee I’d still be trotting around the globe with my pants on backwards and in a perpetual zombie like state.

Coffee thought of the day: Are there really secret Tibetan coffee monks? Anyone want to take a trip with me to Tibet?

I’m sad to say that I have yet to find a decent fair trade coffee place here…very disappointing seeing as this is California. I’ll keep you all updated with my search for the holy grail of fair trade.

It’s currently raining. I dig this cuddling weather. Not sure if I have any solid advice for this first post….actually, I do. If you’re allergic to cats, don’t pet them before you’ve taken allergy medicine. Common sense to some of you, but not for others. Don’t be stubborn, just pop those allergy pills.

Tomorrow starts the cooking.

Coffee, my preferred drug


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